A Supreme Agent was founded on the intention of connecting product with consumers. Founded in honest transparency and a deep desire to connect and nurture talent, we seek to surprise, inspire and delight our brands with our work ethic, dedication and professionalism. Above all else, we also seek to be an incubator for emerging artists, brands and talent. 





At Birkenstock, tradition and heritage are important hallmarks of a brand that dates back not years or even decades, but centuries. Birkenstock is deeply rooted in the fine art of crafting premium quality shoes that are good for you. Since 1774, Birkenstock has passed this commitment down from one generation to the next. The result is the absolute best in quality, comfort and support.






To create the Havaianas, the inspiration was the traditional Japanese Zori finger sandal, with strips of fabric and sole of rice straw. Instead of the straw, the rubber came in, sturdy and soft - made to last. The rice grain inspired the texture of the insole. The name was borrowed from Hawaii, designed by Hollywood as the place of the 1960s dreams.


Emerging Artist

New Development

Here at ASA we seek to discover new talent and help mentor them into the more commercial space. From undiscovered talent over seas to local artists waiting to be discovered, our creative loft is something for the new age of creatives; ones that collaborate. 


intern/ career activation

Young Talent

A Supreme Agent remembers what it was like to be a young professional just starting out. The invested hours, daily hustle, client grind, and management and the disappointments along the way.  Committed to helping others, we find great joy in developing and mentoring new talent.